Lars Kristensen

Lars Kristensen har af flere omgange benyttet’s ydelser.

Øget vækst. Stærkere relationer. Nye idéer og koncepter.

“I have had the pleasure of working closely with Christian during many years. Both in 1-2-1 sessions and in group sessions, ranging from a few people to a whole organisation. The primary reasons for choosing Christian as the facilitator of several change management projects are numerous but overall a few are more dominant than others:

1. When you onboard an outside facilitator to inspire and set direction on an internal project of significant importance for your company, you want someone who is as committed to success as everyone else in the project. Christian has this ability. To throw himself on the fire with everyone else. He wants things to happen as bad as the internal organisation does and that creates an environment where it´s not ´him and us.

2. How Christian “attack” a challenge is, obviously, different than “normal” consultants would do as he spends time, together with a specifically appointed team, to identify the most smelly part of the project before getting it started. If you don´t know where the smell comes from, how can you remove it? Sounds easy, but the process will open your much more than what you thought possible.

3. His breakthrough now methodology is holistic and ensures that everything in the organisation will be involved in the process and you will end up having an organisation that is motivated and engaged and your customers will experience increased value. No need to say what this means for the bottom line?”

Lars Kristensen Brand Manager RRP Nordics Company Name, Philip Morris International