Too much has become about “me, me, me” and too little is about the collective. Too much is about collecting wealth and fame and then, when I’m fulfilled, sharing it with the world. I’m into wealth, fulfilment and achieving, personally – but I have learned a hard earned and a powerful lesson about all three of them, I like to share with you.

One of the four values I disseminate to activate a clear and valuable provocation is: Timing! Many have misinterpreted timing to mean something like: The ability to be at the right place at the right time. But that is not timing!

Timing is a skill
Timing means owning the ability to deliver what the moment requires or needs from you. You are here now – are you capable of finding what is right, right now? That’s a skill! Timing is also our personal formula to breakthroughs or breakdowns. Some of us are addicted to breakthroughs and some of us to breakdowns. But let’s get back to charity and why it’s relevant, and challenge it with a solid “timing” evaluation.

Too many are passively waiting for a “perfect moment”!
Of cause this is not you, but let’s imagine that people could follow a timing formula similar to this – and yes it is simplified.
1. I want money
2. Because when I have money I’m free
3. And when I’m free I’ll take good care of my family
4. And then, then I share what I have with others (The charity)
5. And then I’m complete…. Feeling fulfilled

Kill your competitors?
Doing something valuable for and with others arrives late in this formula. It invites us to develop solely self-focused qualities, but on the other hand it seems like people who creates breakthroughs actually are doing good to others the whole yard. I have heard successful business people saying; “you should be prepared to “kill” your competitors at all times” followed with sharp eyes and strong attitude. But when I work with them over a longer period of time all I SEE them DO, is helping people around them. Caring about people. Maybe not all people in the whole world – but at least people in their family and in the business situations they enters on a daily basis. I believe that’s why they are successful – they have not outsourced their own goodness.

Busy attaining something
It’s seems like we have bought the focus of the self-help industry; “me, me, me!” We fail to develop internal good, because we are so busy attaining something, and we end up outsourcing our goodness until later. But what would help you the most might be for you to be a good person.

What if the formula was more like this?
1. I always strife to be a complete human being
2. Coming from being fulfilled I share who I am with others
3. I take care of my family
4. I am free
5. Now let’s go make some money

What kind of human being are you
Of cause we have to work on all five of them at all times, simultaneously. Don’t wait until fulfilment arrives to get off your butt and make some money – but on the other hand; what kind of human being are you when money are the top of your timing list, or if to be complete is?

Don’t outsource your goodness to later charity! Be someone who does “good” to others, by being a good person. That seems like being the best thing you can do for you, if breakthroughs interests you. The person doing something meaningful to the world tends to be better with money, than the person who wants money for the sake of money.

I don’t believe this article tells the truth – I don’t hold the truth. I want to provoke you enough so you expand, and might find something valuable to you.

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As so many other terms, objectivity has been molested by quick-fix philosophies and oversimplification. It’s a result-killer and it leads us into expensive and time-wasting directions! I mean, reading my black and white definition of objectivity – did your emotions take of or not? Did your emotions react already with my “oBjectivity” headline?!

How objectivity becomes extremely valuable to you
When you are in the “business or life of influencing people”, objectivity can be the “small” detail that make the difference between breakthroughs and breakdowns. Objectivity is being able to contain the full package and still navigate smart. The power of influence is govern by emotions. If you use the cliché definition of objectivity: being mental and anti-emotional, you will fail!

But most of all
Objectivity is being both emotional and mental at the same time. Objectivity is the skill that makes “common sense” and emotions work together. But most important of it all: true objectivity is the ability to look in the mirror and see the person you are, and not an illusion of who you are. That will make you understand how much and which impact you have on others and the results you produce, both the desired and undesired impact.

The objectivity test
How I test the level of objectivity, before making a breakthrough-plan to my customers, is simple and very efficient. I provoke people, to conclude who prefers to stay inside their comfort-zone, and who are willing to leave it. No one creates breakthroughs from inside the comfort-zone!!!

Thank you so much for reading this input – your time is valued.

Christian Campbell

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Rituals are one of the strongest powers when it comes to influencing the human mind! That’s why it always seems logical to make such things as new-years resolutions and Monday diets: a new year, a new week and so on – new is calling to change on a deeper level of the psyche.

But why?
Why it so often is not working as intended is because of a simple but powerful factor: Rituals are efficient over time, not performed one time!

Inspiring future
May 2015 become the year where you will build even stronger rituals, which will provide you with everything you desire – and then turn it around, and share what you have, with as many people as possible.

Thank you so much for the hours you shared with me in 2014 – by reading this e-zine. I truly appreciate you investing time in my words! I hope to spend more time with you in 2015, and I will do my best to collect even more powerful knowledge, and share it with you!

Christian Campbell

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Success makes most companies arrogant and lazy! Or in reality, most people working in successful companies don’t have the personal skill-set to contain success, and use it as leverage to “the next big thing.” Most people stagnate, settle and see clinging on to the job as being successful!

Of cause not you – but many, many others! with Christian Campbell
Provocation – the Art of causing something to happen!

Great value turns rotten
“Stay foolish, stay hungry” Steve Jobs stated in 2005 at a talk, at Stanford University. I have heard this statement repeated over and over again a million times – rarely I have seen it put into action. That’s how wise words become clichés, worthless and worst of all – what they point to becomes hidden to us all; they are spoken but not delivered upon!

I once hired a salesrep. who had been extremely successful in his career. We were all hyped when he signed the contract and everybody’s hope was high. We all had the feeling; now something special is going to happen! What happened was extraordinary!!!

Good or bad?
Nothing happened, absolutely nothing! And to make a long story of suffering short, this guy was extremely good at “selling” brands. When he had a product or a service that a company had skilfully branded he was really good at expediting customers who wanted the product. But when we needed him to SELL, nothing happened.

Imagine what would happen if a business created a great brand, and put it into the hands of great salesreps.!!!

Back to the ugly truth about Apple!
So what is the ugly truth about Apple and any other successful business? When they as a business become too efficient, the truly skilful people no longer feel they are needed! They don’t see them selves as someone who can flourish and apply value to the business. They will seek development elsewhere.

Now the people who “need” a job, point their attention to the company! Now the people who “want” a job, point their attention to the company! The people who desires to “be part” of the success, but not “take part” and “create future influence” to secure the success comes storming.

3 important questions
So are you hungry to become even better?
Are you brave enough to enter areas where you look foolish?
Are you provocation ready?

Don’t wait!!! +4525697772

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When it comes to growing a business significant (or anything else for that matter) it is utterly important having the skill-set of making all you already know work to the fullest. There is absolutely no sense in sowing a new crop, if the already ripe ones are still waiting for you to harvested them.

Real breakthroughs starts with what you already got
If a ripe fruit is left on the tree it falls of and turns rotten. This extremely simple principle of nature also applies to existing knowledge and results. In business it means that others learn from your mistakes, and turns it into profitable results. Others build the next generation of products based on your expertise. That makes you fight to survive even though you in reality have all the advantages – often the “world” knows this, but the “dinosaur” don’t get its close to extinction.

Business Unusual rules the future
The ability to know what you know, and make it mean something completely different, it the skill of a winner. To draw meaningfulness out of the ordinary and then spice it up with true innovation, is what the Apple’s, Carnegies, Ford’s and Coca Cola’s of their times does – again and again. From there every body else is just hunting a percentage of the “cake”.

Are you interested in harvesting the ripe fruits of your market? Are you interested in keeping the knowledge of your company in-house?  Do you see the advantages of creating the new generation of products in your industry?

Know more about the “formula that makes everything else work!”
Book a keynote about the formula in Danish or English

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Campbell’s blog: The ”King/Queen of motivation” moves the world by meaningfulness!

No matter what you desire to succeed by, you are dependent on your ability to wrap your product, service or message into something that makes sense to your ”audience”!

Sell more! More growth! Lead better – the first key is to become the master of meaningfulness – know more after reading this!

First: Accept the facts!
Of the four actions I will present to you in this article, to accept the facts is the first one. When it comes to meaningfulness, no matter how great a communicator you become, you will never say something that makes sense to everybody. That’s a fact you have to accept! Why? You may ask. But of course when you do – you can start to communicate very clearly and efficiently to the audience to whom you make perfect sense!

Second: Know what “they” want!
Knowing what people want is not the end – it’s the beginning! But if you don’t get what “they” want, you can never provide them what “they” need – and meaningfulness is closely tied to our needs. Henry Ford is quoted to have said: “If I had a asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses!” But what Ford provided people with, was a revolution of personal transportation – not faster horses. He understood what they wanted!

Third: Provide what “they” need!
Giving people what they want is about trust, and is best compared to entertainment. If you make “me” smile, laugh, think and feel good “I” will allow you to challenge “me”! Challenging people is giving them what they need. What people is already good at or familiar with, will not provide them their need – true innovation; something that changes how they conduct, what they conduct! The reason why this is what they need is; if they don’t innovate they turn obsolete!

Fourth: Act according to your believes!
Your products, services or systems are not what people connect with; they connect with your values. And your values is based on your believes. So instead of talking about high quality products, it’s far easier to humans to follow and understand a business that acts upon believes: “We believe high quality makes you great – fast!” If the businesses don’t over talk this subject, but on the other hand proves to me by action, that this is “true” – selling “me“ something is not that complicated.

Meaningfulness is extremely important to the truly ambitious businesses or/and individual. The average business mind-set is centred on providing a product or service solely as an excuse to gain own interests. Meaningfulness is about putting something truly valuable into people’s lives in trust that it will result in something amazing. Amazing is not cheap – amazing rewards all sides to the party!

Best regards,

Christian Campbell – the Art of causing something to happen!


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Imagine we as leaders could mix our experiences with our children’s openness, to look for new directions when we are stuck!?
Imagine we as leaders could have a third of our children’s willingness to admit when we don’t get it, and try new ways!?
Imagine if we as leaders taught our kids to inspire and not to manipulate!?
Imagine that!?

Going somewhere, attaining something
I believe we all know, or at least once we knew, that there are many, many ways of reaching a goal. Going somewhere, attaining something or earning money – as many people as we are in the world equals the possible ways of reaching our goals. And therefore I believe that asking ourselves while conducting our businesses; what is the price we pay? Is extremely relevant and worthwhile.

A good investment
When it comes to money most of us are quite clear: You invest 100 euro’s and it pays of 130. That’s a good investment. But when we mix the value measurements – some of us sometimes become confused or overly committed to, as an example, the money!

Some manipulate, some inspire
Some manipulate our markets by pricing – cheap, cheap, cheap and by that, in the end, get stuck when it comes to earning more. Others inspire their customers to become part of a movement – and the “world” seems still open even when others analyse; “that Apple will go under without Steve Jobs”.

“Nothing lasts forever” we say – but is that really the truth?
I believe that as long as there are human beings in the world, inspiration will outlast manipulation. Meaningfulness will outlast fear. That both the price we pay to reach our goals, and the gains we attain by reaching them can ad on value.

I believe you can do good, while doing great! I believe that to be a breakthrough!


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Imagine you have yourself a football, and in front of you a wall. The rules of the game you are about to play are quite simple; kick the ball at the wall, when it comes back – kick it again. Sometimes you kick the ball way to hard, and you have to duck to avoid getting a concussion, from having the ball coming right back at you. Other times you have to go get the ball at the wall, because the effort you put in wasn’t enough to have the ball bounce back again. The consequences of the effort you put in the game are clear and easy to understand.

Game changer
Now imagine the wall is other people and the ball is your thoughts, your words, your emotions and your actions. The game is still the same; kick the ball and deal with what comes back at you – but the game now became more complex. Other people are not as static as a wall. Your thoughts, words, emotions and actions are not as round and reliable as a ball.

What is possible
The game at the wall is simple and easy, but it’s also a game, which exclude others – However doing business or life, exclusion is not possible! The “games” you are playing include other people and how they react – and how they react, in context with you, are strongly dependable on what you are “kicking” their way.

More and easier
Imagine the game is still kicking a ball, and having it come back to you. If you use the wall, it’s all up to yourself and your own effort. If you change the conditions and kick the ball to somebody else, who is motivated to kick it back – you just saved half the effort, but ensured the same result. And experience tells us, that the magic arises when one becomes several.

Of course this example is way to simple and with minimal details – but it points to something very important; the future belongs to them, who know themselves and their impact on others so well, that they manage to inspire others to include their resources, talents and effort in the “game”!

That’s a strong breakthrough!

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Not to be lightly handled
Imagine you have something really important at hand! Not just the average important, but really, really important. All your senses are at full alert and your feelings are set in motion. It can be business, it can be private, no matter what – this situation is not to be lightly handled.

You hold all skills required
You might know all the facts. You might have the professional tool-set required in place for instance, but do you read your self and the surroundings properly? Why are you so keen on this specific solution? Why are you interpreting the competition the way you are? And why are they behaving as they are – do you have the full overview?

What’s the basic motivation
Creating a plan, whether for business or personal, has a lot to do with the key elements; the marked and other specific circumstances present in for instance the business. But with that said; so has the basic motivation of the individuals given the task to develop it. Are they fear driven? Are the opportunity driven? Are they money driven? Or are they driven by status symbols? If this plan is develop under pressure…. What strategies is the responsible personal using when pressured?

Habits govern results
I’m sorry to express myself like this – it’s not personal! But it is simply impetuous to believe that your psychology and habits don’t govern how you solve the task at hand! It’s an common mistake to separate personal competences and results – don’t make it!

Takes away your fear
This specific spot in this article, is by the norm the perfect timing for a five point, how to do, hands on, fast implementable guiding tool that saves you from yourself, takes away your fear, provide you with a warm feel-good emotion which tells you; you are fantastic, there is hope – just do as I multimillionaire-copy-worthy-done-all-the-hard-work-for-you-mastermentor tells you to do…. and you reach stars…… a thousand times!

But it won’t come! Here comes something other….

Driven by becoming better, not alone by reaching the end result
Most of you, reading this article – are already highly competent. I know you are because I know many of you on a personal or professional level – and that’s why it makes sense to me, spending time communicating with you. Some of you already know of my 15%, 70%, 15% philosophy and for those who don’t; the first 15% is the top-performers: The top-performers in groups, in business’ and in society in general. The top 15% desires personal development, can’t live without it, and knows through experience that quick fixes just don’t cut it – this is for you!

Significant difference
I will share with you, I believe, some extremely crucial personal competences which when developed and continuously nourished will make a significant difference in both business and life. I promise you now, it won’t be a walk in the park, but it will be worthwhile!

“The list”
ONE: Thinking big with small means

When you have all the opportunities in the world, thinking big is not special. When your business is successful by market circumstances, selling is not that difficult. Thinking big with small means: money, resources, time and people are an art. The person claiming more won’t be as successful as the person gaining more. The future is about adding on value, not about providing more stuff. So teach yourself how to create something out of nothing and there will be plenty of people with nothing, asking for your services!

TWO: Social intelligence
The double meaning of this one is of significant importance. You have to be intelligent in social contexts, but you also have to do intelligence on people. Not the negative clinging kind, but the kind that build on curiosity. Be interested. Be listening. Be present. Know people and they will reward you for your interest. Don’t mistake this one for only being about relations – this is just as important, when you develop products or build the next FACEBOOK.

THREE: Lean to detect and unlearn bad habits
Times has as always changed, and right now one of the consequences is that everybody (almost) will do at least one re-branding of themselves and their skill set. This means we will build competences and insight, start making money, feeling secure, and then have to make a drastic change. Most likely the younger generations will have to do three or four re-brandings. It will no longer be about your readiness to change – it will be about your ability to handle change – find the things you actually do that don’t work and teach your self something new, that meets the “reality” at hand.

Fact about habits: The common standard is that other people see your bad habits long before you see them your self.

FOUR: Unusual communities
Being part of a group with individuals who has a well integrated culture of giving straight and to the point feedback, will be a significant factor in future success. We are all great individuals, but the world is no longer about being great – its about being part of something great. And people make people great! Your ability to influence groups and your skill set on how to build cross-functional relationships are of significant importance.

If you have any comments or questions my mail is

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Every day people are living lives based on convictions they later conclude were not really true to them. That’s basically not a problem – making mistakes is part of life. The problem becomes clear when it dawns on us that we were never open enough to really challenge our convictions – we became stagnated and cocksure. Life is not about knowing – it’s about moving minds, words, emotions and actions in our lives… right to the end.

Not connected
This also spreads into how we do business, treat other people and perceive the “universe” in general. We interpret that we are better or worse human beings based on our results or the lack of them. But being successful or being a failure is not connected directly with value, when we dare to see the human race as also being a spiritual being. Not a spiritual being in the common terminology of something religious – but in the sense that you are leave “something” behind every time you leave; you’re kind of still there – both in the context of leaving a meeting, leaving your family and yes….. leaving life.

When you leave, what you left is taking on its own life…. imagine that, don’t lie to your self, are you proud?

There is something more valuable
Basically you could read this text and think some few thoughts. You could think Christian Campbell is a strange being or you might even get moved by the words. No matter what you decide, this text is written with a purpose: I wrote this because everywhere I meet people, it seems like the most fulfilled humans somehow, in their own way, see beyond their own convictions and start caring about the impressions, the moods and maybe even the love they leave behind.

Never the brilliant
I have spoken with dying people in a hospice. I have spoken with extremely successful business people. I have spoken with “ordinary” people and I have sat with them all one-on-one, no one else around to make an impression on – and when it comes down to what really, really is creating breakthroughs……. it’s never the brilliant business plan we end up talking about. It’s never what makes someone happy on a personal level we are talking about – it’s always about what we left behind through our lives…. and often later builds the most amazing businesses and lives.

This was to you
So I wrote this to leave you with something. Something both my personal and professional life taught me is key….

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