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It’s a noticeable efficient exercise to look at our business and ask: What are we doing daily that brings absolutely no value? Do we put in efforts that produces no “chance” to harvest? This will bring unheard of results and impact, if we put the conclusions into action.

  1. Do I as a salesrep. drink two cups of coffee with potential customers daily, that I tell myself build relationships but must conclude that 65% of my turnover comes from people, I have never had any coffee with?
  2. Do I as a leader spend time on certain meetings but must conclude that the three most valuable decisions the last year, was made at the watercooler in the hallway, and not at meetings?
  3. Do we often share ideas with people whom never execute on anything but business as usual?

The examples might be a little oversimplified J It’s still interesting challenging ourselves to “stop doing” behavior proven close to worthless.

What could be even more valuable?

  1. As a salesrep. “the sell” lies in understanding how your customer’s think, talk, feel and therefor buys. Boiled down to the core we must know what people want to be able to provide them what they need = our product or services of course.
  2. So if you add “listening so hard” you now can conclude your customers talk so much they forget to drink the coffee….. you win.
  3. If you as a leader add “understanding people so deep” you now can conclude they get motivated by you understanding and not your input – you win.

So, let’s take all that do not work, put it in “a box” with what is most efficient, and mix them up…. what do we get?

Do it and let’s see…..

Have a wonderful weekend

Christian Campbell

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